A Semi-Homemade Spring Cake Fit for a Cake Maker

Okay, so semi-homemade is a stretch.

My in-laws 50th anniversary was last weekend and we hosted the party. My mother-in-law is very talented (she made my wedding gown) and I’m estimating she’s also made at least a cake a week, every week during my husband’s entire life. She knows cakes.

I was in charge of getting the cake for the party and I searched Instagram, like one does and fell in love with these cakes/tarts by @bakelikechef :

Stop the world.


I have no idea if Chef is a man or woman or what country he or she is from, but I can tell he/she is not in my town and no one in my town is making these yet.

For about 30 seconds I considered trying to learn how to make the number cutouts and fancy dot icing myself–Chef has a $5 ebook here. But, I realized what i like the most is the decor. Naturally.

So I ordered a plain white cake from Costco (the lattice heart cake–it’s like $20!). I didn’t take a before so you’ll have to deal with this image that google provided:

My mom always says never let a man paint your nails, in the same spirit, never let a Costco employee write on your cake.

Get it plain, then consider what your guests of honor like, what the occasion is, and what the color scheme of the party is, and go to the fancy grocery store and buy fruit, candy, pre-made cookies like macarons and meringues, and also purchase some flowers. You want everything on the cake to look nice together. I went to Home Depot and bought potted flowers because I felt like the selection was more unexpected.

If you have a Costco cake with a heart, you’ll just want to fill in the heart. If you have a round cake, you could fill in the entire top. This is not a time to try to write something out –like a word or a number with fruit. Do not try that. Just fill in.

I cut some strawberries in half, left others whole and then put the big ones on the cake first along with placing that one focal flower. I cut the flower off right at the head so there was only an inch or so of stem. You want to work from the largest stuff to the smallest. So after the queen flower and strawberries I added the macarons, then the chocolate, then the tiny flowers and I filled in the gaps with the blueberries. So make sure you have different sizes of cake decor.

If you look closely at @bakelikechef’s work, he/she has popcorn, cherries, frozen berries, greenery, chocolate shavings, waffle cookies and so much more.

Once you have your cake decorated, especially if you are using real flowers, put that Costco lid back on and store it in the fridge until you are ready to present it to your guests. For best results, decorate the cake within a few hours of serving.