Have the seasonal home
you’ve always wanted.

Be a confident, relaxed hostess.

Do you….

long to have a cozy and beautiful home this fall that’s simple, meaningful and just your style?

have bins full of fall decor but still feel like something is missing?

wish you could be a confident, lighthearted and natural hostess who volunteers her home for gatherings?

Then it’s time to

like a Cozy Minimalist.

Embrace the Cozy Minimialist way

Create a seasonal home you’re proud of every day of the year.

Set the stage for the season so you’re ready to host.


"What I learned totally transformed my home" -- Michelle R

"I’ve bought fewer things, but decorated more." --Kimberly R

"Myquillyn teaches such beautiful and simple concepts" -- Darci J

The Fall Class

A mercifully short, self-paced, three part course that you can take right now and start applying to your home within the hour.

Your family will notice a difference in your home tonight.

You’ll leave with motivation and steps to fall-itize your home and and a simple list of exactly what to focus on to create a memorable, meaningful fall gathering that won’t leave you feeling exhausted.

There’s no fillers, no fluff, and no wasting of your time.

You don’t need more fall ideas. You need to know where to focus your limited time, money and effort so you can enjoy the season.


For the price of a few pretend pumpkins, you can finally have a doable plan for your fall home.

Or Get The All Access Pass for $116 $99

All 4 season classes for one low price released throughout the year.

The Benefits

Be true to your values.

Finally find the perfect balance between the beauty you long for, and the simplicity you crave without wasting any time, money or energy on stuff that doesn’t matter.

Create a beautiful, seasonal home.

Create a seasonal home without relying on bins full of factory made fall decor.


Host with grace, confidence and ease.

Find yourself volunteering to host a fall gathering (I know, right?!), now that you know exactly what to focus on and what not to worry about. You’ll never dread hosting again.

Hi, I’m Myquillyn. And I love all things home.

I’d rather have a new lamp than a new pair of shoes.

But I’d also rather have a simple home than one where every surface is overflowing with stuff. Even if that stuff is adorable, on trend and curated by Joanna Gaines herself.

I know what it’s like to simultaneously love and enjoy a decked-out, cozified fall home and yet secretly wonder if there’s a more authentic way to decorate than to purchase a bunch fall decor made by robots.

I know what it’s like to imagine myself as a carefree hostess, but be faced with the reality that I’m frazzled, exhausted and focusing on all the wrong things. After 22 years of making home and hosting all sorts of gatherings I’ve finally learned where to focus my efforts and more importantly, what not to worry about.

Focusing on what really matters and letting go of everything else has changed the way I approach everything about my home and hospitality.

It can change everything about your home and hospitality too.

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When can I start? Might I suggest right now? You can take the course at any time, at your own pace and even once we close enrollment, you’ll have unlimited access as long as this course exists.

I’m already time crunched, how much time will this course take? I made this course with you in mind. It’s mercifully short and full of 100% pure applicable truths and encouragement for you to implement into your home right now. Instead of looking at more fall decor + entertaining ideas on Pinterest for the next hour you can go through this course and start making meaningful changes in your home and you’ll have a simple plan for low stress, high connection hosting.  You can go through this course in about an hour and refer back to it as often as you like.

Is there a workbook? Nope. I know you don’t have time for that. I made sure to put all the information you need into the videos. I’ll remind you of what to focus on, and give you permission to let other things slide and then, while the motivation is hot, you need to act. I promise not to slow your momentum down with fillers and fluff, you have a season to welcome and a home to get cozy.

Do I need to read the Cozy Minimalist Home book first? Nope. If you have, you’re ahead of the class and starting with the right mindset. If not, I’ll give you a quick primer in the intro to get you caught up enough to make a big impact in your home when it comes to the seasons.

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